Friday, January 12, 2007

Dudes Rock!! Chicago Get Together - Sep21- 25, 2006

PS: The content is truly private, singular & there is a lot of clandestine truths and facts which can be thoroughly enjoyed only if you read it thoroughly again and again!!! It's truly Intentional and highly speculative.

Movie Name : Chicago Get-Together

Naruku Maama - Mr.Perfect
Naveen Palle - Mr.Questionable
Nik Dude - Mr.Awesome
Pop Da - Mr.Versatile
Rajesh Janga - Mr.GYmBOy
Satti Maama - Mgr.SattiDaada MBBS
Suman - Mr.Editor/Designer

Choreography - KingDa
Photography - KingDa/Suman
Custome Designer - Suman
Producers : Rajesh & Naveen
Writer/Screen-Play/ Director : Suman

Yes, You guessed it right, I am back in editor' seat in full SWING to ROLL up a ROCKING mail on the events, episodes, craziness, weirdness and what not - everything you could think of and every thing we did in those 4 days of togetherness and warm harmony.

As any other good mail, I want to start with a big THANK YOU to the 2 most irrefutably GENIAL hosts - Rajesh & Naveen. U guyz are undeniably the BEST...we couldn't have done it without you 2 and we couldn't have done it any better any place.
3 Cheers and a big loud kudos to U both. Hip Hop Hurray!!!

What I liked most about this group is we all had a harmonizing chemistry that made this get-together astonishingly SUCCESSFUL and highly EXUBERATING. 3 Cheers and a much louder KUDOS to WE. Hip Hop Hurray!!!

Major Highlights:
It all started with the air-port pick-ups or should I say Kick-ups, Hiccups and kick-offs that started at 7 pm and ended at 2:15 am. Mgr.SattiDaada MBBS(Mgr?? - any guesses??) and Mr.Versatile Pop were the first to arrive and their bonafide chauffeur Mr.GYmBoy Rajesh was right on time but never on the right lane to get them home.Well, it paid-off well for our 2 esteem and venerated guests who had an unpaid FOC (Don't U perverts screw this acronym - it's Free of COST and nothing more...) chauffeur tour of the WINDY City (rajesh - don't u dare debate any more...It's a WIN-WIN - otherwise, this would turn out a Cincinnati rivalry - Google Lazy bums, I can't give everything for free like Mr.R). After the all-nite happy hour, Rajesh's Nissan finally found its way home and our 2 esteemed guests are ready to Rock the FOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD. Earlier in the day, Rajesh called everyone and said "Maama...don't eat ur dinner; we are arranging a feast". Following Rajesh' advice to the T "our 2 guests skipped their lunch too" and more over none of us were still not home to control their hunger attack. Well, with all the mighty freedom and Mega bojjalu - the 3 big men started eating the 2nd most famous chic biriyani in chic.

Then landed our Mr.Perfect Naruku Maama ~7:30 am and was picked a few minutes or hours later by our Mr.Questionable Madji but was never dropped off home - WhY??????. The pick-up was good but Madji's BMW didn't have the guts to steer in home's way. Naruku Maama was bamboozled/duped (guyz - don't google for this puzzled word - I learnt this word from rads when she broke her head reading the recently famous and boring - "Life of Pi" novel about india/indianness - heard they are making a movie on this - kewl!!!watch out!!!) by Madji's arguably BEST of the BEST Qs - like "Maama - ee chinna paapa peru enti maama OR "Maama - nuvvu enti maama chusthe intha posh kani uurukut(orkut being screwed by Mr.GYmBoy) la chesthunnavu - naaku nacchale - I din't expect it maama" or the most repeated "Maama - Nee Future Plan enti MAAMA "...The questions sounded very right but the intentions were most cruel & Ur laughs to hear the extremity of Naruku's displeasure caused not by Madji's QUESTIONable annoyance but rather due to the "ROAD NOT TAKEN" - Robert Frost - Grade 6 - LOL that reminds me of all those blushes that never blossomed (on the faces of those pretty girls...hold on U wildies).

Atlast, Madji shifted to gear 'D' to head North and Naruku sighed a heavy relief - but the gear was shifted back to 'P' even before goodie HOME arrived and the heavy relief was GONE with the WIND( Margaret Mitchell - Civil war story). Bamboozled Naruku was greeted by Mr.Editor/Designer-ME even before Madji made-up a story ;) to answer the sudden-stop at O'Hare( Note: It was 11:50 pm - 4 hours since Naruku arrived in WINDY city). The greetings, wishes, hugs...stop there ;)....and the usual "Hi Maaama" stuff was ended by the story of hostility by naruku' animose soul.

And as they, "Waiting never ends" - Naruku's waiting never ended as we had to wait to pick up another amused soul - 'Mr.Awesome- Nik Dude' . Added to the waiting, the mice race pestered us persistently and then I realized - I have sth called "BRAIN" which can I use in down time. We foraged and found a BK right opposite to the deserted parking lot. Got 1 Med fries and 2 large cokes - don't ask why1F and 2C ;)???

I took a big break here....and read back the last few (quite a few) lines I wrote....may be I should be less elaborate to end the mail soon....otherwise...."mailing never ends ;) like Naruku's waiting :)".

We picked Nik around 1 and then started back to Libertyville ( a happy 1hr 15 mt drive from mid-way). We arrived home around 2:30 AMMMMMMMM.....and was greeted by our 3 big MEN... Mr.GYmBoY,Mr.Versatile,Mgr.SattiDaada MBBS(guyz - one big news to share abt Mgr.SattiDaada...he became a Mgr at he is no more Mr. he is a Mgr.Satti)....and after the warm hugs we were routed to the cold chic biriyani.

Naruku Maama ate less & hit a sleeping bag and our satti was in his usual trans state hardly listening to anyone's future shouts :)....while others started the usual bachelor discussion provoked by the hunger anger and Madji's never ending thirst of "MAAMA, nee future plan enti maama??" The discussions went on & on till morning 6 with widely irrevelant topics like daily rountine, weekend hang-outs & hang-overs, cali life with "HUG everyone" policy, Taiwanese Massages , Life in India & US, never told Stalin distribution story, gossips of gala calif bolly nites, phoenix weekends, who's where and doing what and finally when the buck stopped at FUTURE plans - Naruku Maama woke up and ran into the only available bedroom and came out in no time with a DVD - Guess what??? It is packed of lotsa chinna papalu and pedda pappalu (Naveen's way of differentiating kids and young women - Don't ask him where he comes up with all this distinguishing terminology - for he would tell you a whole new DARWIN theory) and the saree-clad middle aged women fondly called as "AUNTIES" - YES, U GOT IT !!! It's indeed Naruku's ENGAGEMENT DVD full of life and *ives.

Perulu Paddayi - "Naresh" and "Kalyani"
and all the genealogical details followed by lotsa graphics of gods & Naruku. While Everyone was waiting to see Naruku in Blazer, the confidence of kalyani caught everyone's eye. Yes, she was the perfect match for our bravo Mr.Perfect Naruku Maama. Both were looking great together and kalyani was smiling all the way. Naruku, we all are very happy that you found the right girl for you. She is the best match for you in your confidence, courage and caring attitude. I am sure you both will have a 200% confident life full of happiness, prosperity & pride achievements.

And then started the bachelor Q's...?? DVD was interrupted by Naveen's Q's & Naruku's A's - All about Marriage & Life.
Subham Carduu padindi and guess what - Satti was all asleep.

THURSDAY NITE ended here around 5:30 am ...with sunrise passing thru' the IRIS hitting the RETINA and we all went to SLEEP with half-lit pupils.

Friday Sun greeted us with no respect thru' the big & transparent sliding door but our LOST SOULS hardly knew the difference b/w day & nite and slept equally badly until NOON.

Woke up mid-day next day and the messy mice were running at full speed in my zero strength stomach. Satti & Rajesh went out and got Mocha for all of us and the sweet Caramel for Satti...YUMMY. The rest-room fight started in full swing around noon and ended hopelessly around 3 pm. We all got out and started looking for any kinda food place and found lost in a MONGOLIAN buffet place where u could hardly eat. But, our BOYS managed to play a test match in the barren land and the leading players were Poppy, Naruku and the GYM boy.

We all decided to kill the happy 2 hours before the 3 hour stalin on "Chicago beaches" and what could be a better place than " Lake MiSHigan..Yes MiSHi like SHICago"....guess, everything is wierd in SHICAGO....and to our weird-surprise there was not even a soul in the beach.....Guyz were real crazy to see some beach babes and were struck to HELL WALL heavily by the heavily blowing MiShigan Breeze. We all decided to have some fun and started playing the ball game....the only difference was - the ball was a "cricket ball" and we were practicing diving catches.... catchulu kante photoki posule ekkuva iccharu mana BOYZ.

Around 4:30 pm, We started driving to STALIN and it was pouring heavily. It took us more than hour and by the time we reached the theater - the COLD mirchis were waiting to be attacked. We all hardly ate 1 each and got into the smallest theater in CHICAGO with a 30 mm (was it really 30 or 20??) theater. Well, chiru hardly managed to fit in the screen and POP was in full enthu to shout and scared our decent Naruku who said NO to shouts. We all followed Poppy dude who said " dhum tha lakadi.....CHIRU CHIRU". THe movie got lost somewhere between good and bad but we all had lotsa fun watching it TOGETHER after SHANKAR DAADA MBBS.

Flashback lo Flashback - Rajesh told the stalin story on our way to stalin. Very humble and goodie story about friendship & greediness. 2 things abt Rajesh - His simple frienship rules and his great anatomy. Friendship rules speak about his integral persona and his anatomy speaks bundles of his discipline and hardwork. In those 4 days, he always tried his best to keep all of us happy and satisfied all our material needs (u perverts....we all are Indians :))....he was caring and considerate all the while. Rajesh - good luck on our bride search and i am sure you will be a 100% paisa wasool hubby :).....lucky Mrs.Rajesh.

We came out and the clock struck 11 and U know kadaa - "AMERICANS sleep early - atleast they don't eat after 11 - they will ONLY DRINK DRINK DRINK after 11 ". SO, we Indians decided to go home and cook some egg biriyani, boiled eggs, egg curry and everything that's EGGY and thanks to 24X7 dominos who came to rescue our hungry SOULS with 2 Large pizzas and 1 hot wings. BTW, I got to play the goodie Mr.COOK :)

The clock Struck 12 and all prep was done to make Nik's bday a blast. "Happy Bday Nik" was sung in a bad chorus on never heard NOTES but with great luv & affection for NIK maama. Nik was happy and lost and suprised his dad - by asking "evarandi meeru, how do U know my bday" - "nenu nee dad ni ra"....shocked nik came out of trans-margarita and said tata to his dad. It was a fun day-nite for NIK and US and was a great bday celebrated among the cherishing friends.

The Nite discussions started again - With DRINKS exclusively made by our Margaritan (that's his zodaic) Maama - POPPY dude. We love you KINGDA for all the margaritas u spilled in our stomachs - U are AWESOME (nik's stylello) Maker..........of Margaritas. Anyone was hardly listening to anyone - busy busting their chic-wounded stomachs with all eggy food and pizza-wings. ATE ATE the real discussions started....and Naruku maama bid good-bye even before it hit full-swing and our Mgr.SATTIDAADA MBBS was back to his corner place tucked in the warm sheets.Nik, Rajesh, Naveen & Me rested wherever possible while POP was resting on Nik's DUSTER :)...hang on until next day for the duster FACTS.

Friday Nite discussions varied from fun to far-from fun - U know what I am talking abt. Poppy Margarita Kicked the DEVIL out of US and it was playing hip-hop of our wildest DREAMZ with Rajesh being the SADDAM of craziness. Man - Don't U dare playing games with our gym boy - This Gutsy dude will surely take U for a ride on his lusty side...Lusty???? Dreamz disturbed by Craziness - ranging from cars, money, women, life, marrriage & *** - Did I say that??? And ofcourse the bachelor discussions about their Celestial (as webster defines - Invisible Heaven) Cinderellas - Will she be like this? Will She be like that? will she be like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....???Will SHe do THIS for me??? Can I ask more than that?? what about my WILD Dreams??? Hell No boyz....get back to EARTH....UR dream abt Celestial Cinderellas....(this phrase sounds hip & trendy...Let me COIN/Patent it now :) and dedicate it for U dreamers) is ONLY A DREAM. U all are going to maryy a ANDHRA AMMAYI (incidentally, our dear POP is marrying a andhra ammayi too :)) and she too is full of DREAMS - like "My husband should be a RAMA , My husband...should be a earthly body revolving around ME & my sweet HOME and not around heavenly objects, and importantly MY husband should be MINE". Well, we all can't be RAMAs for sure but all we can do is STOP DREAMING now and start thinking abt UR sweetheart' DREAMS and try to fulfill them as It gets you the biggest happiness of Ur life.....Ain't it too much of Phil...dudes...Ok let me get back to DOODY style. I am sure I have won a few women votes here :)

The bachelor craziness never ended but the nite did and the friday nite lites were blown-off by the never seen CHICAGO sun and we all went to BED at 6 am....YES AM :):(:):(

Come Saturday, the lazy BUMS woke up around noon and ignited by MOCHA madness ran into the sands to play VOLLEY ball. DUDES - believe me...okariki minchina varokaru. Everyone was playing too GOOD except ME and ofcourse our Naruku & Nik were playing equally well like ME :)...ME...I was U can guess the rest. Poppy' skills didn't match any of US and we all decided to make him an umpire but sadly our Naruku hurt his wrist and contended for UMPIRESHIP and ofcourse Pop lost it to Naruku. WE Disappointed souls started playing again with the LEGEND kingda - is it a little too much POPPY?? Come down dude....if not for US atleast for sandhya...I guess she lives on earth. HE is simply the BEST at Volley Ball - singular freaks??. Then the same q came to eveyone' mind - How can poppy be GOOD at so many things?? Don't ask the list??? Dance, Creative Photog, Games, Acting skills - ain't he a kamal??(poppy - rads saw our pics and was in full praise of ur expressions in pics),.....and U guyz can fill the rest as I sing again " POP is the BEST " and "U know the REST".

Sandhya - I am 100% sure U will have a 200% fun-filled life - 24X7 - all thru' ur life. Pop is very caring, amicable, affectionate guy with 200% fun guaranteed all the way. His creative presence will change any ordinary to extra-ordinary. He is full of energy & full of I am sure you will soon be the proud owner of a great hubby.

Huh...let me come out of Poppy Mania - huh :)

Then we all dressed up for photog sessions skillfully designed by Suman Johar (can I take credit for the dress designs, patterns and mix N match...Pls...guyz) and artistically composed by Poppy Lawrence. Those 2 pics are the BEST da Poppy.

Photog was promptly followed by an unsuccessful Downtown trip. We all took 2 many turns and were tired by chicago Madness. No Place to park - and half-heartedly everyone went back HOME and started the late-nite discussions and Yes ONCE again - the buck stops at FUTURE plans.

Routine ki bhinnamga and ofcourse as well thought by Nik Maama but poorly implemented by Rajesh - Nik told 100 times to get a duster & board - but rajesh got sth else - A duster which can take pop to dream world and a board left to your visualization.

COming back to routine ki bhinnamga....Nik decided to do a good ppt on "SAP" and man...he was thorougly professional in his manners,attitude and way of presenting things. Nik Maama...hats off to U....U will definitely become a stud CEO of a big company...U surely have both the personality and the skills.Ur Mr.COOL attitude and your patience to react with great integrity at any problem will be a great asset to accomplish your future dreams. We all wish you much more success ahead in leaps & bounds and JOY in abundance.

It was followed by an unprofessional Techie Presentation - NO PPT, NO computer, No pants, no shirts - Shorts and T-shirt Madji in his usual rugged style holding a tennis ball and swinging all across for a FULLER. But, who cares in the land of opportunity what u wear and don't long as the guy knows what he is talking abt.....and this fact was proved again by our GODDDD MADJI with his immense knowledge of 4G phones and future of RAZOR. Madji - U are a thorough doubts.....I am sure Ur brain will find its bride soon. Also, I found a new personality in U in this last trip.....a desire to get united (with ur bride).....I never thought this Mr.Traveller will ever want to settle down. But, I saw many signs of love bundled in abundance.....Madji...It's time to get Mrs.Naveen on board. Good luck dude.....I am sure U will get a great bride full of energy & life.

The 2 real-life "what I do" ppts were followed by a "Think Big, Dream Big " 'What I want to do" presentation by ME on "future of h/w Industry in Inida" aptly named "Hardware School". Well, the intentions were rite all thru' the ppt except for the Biggie Money it was asking for??? So God & Ghosh, must fund my JOSH and getting back to HOSH, I explained/acted with utmost sincerity the "reason for a hardware school" and the need of the hour. Madji - I came to phx and started thinking abt the one q u asked(abt the talented profs with PhDs from US)...Yes, it makes a lot of sense....when I really try to implement this, companies will surely ask me the same q....thanks for getting me prepared. I guess I have some home work to do...

Even before I ended my ppt, "all slept well" and the Sat Nite Lites were blown-off by blown-out ppts and fused-out brainz.

Come Sunday, we started thinking abt the never lasting "fun days".....we all decided to play it low today and held our emotions and happiness together so that we can take them back in pride and honor to tell the story of togetherness & warm harmony to all our deared ones. We all ate Chipotle Burrito Bols & a couple of us ate big TACOs...U can guess?? and was followed by ben & Jerry Ice-cream as suggested by Mgr.Satti Babu MBBS. ee 6 footer hero ki ee 6 inch ice-cream picchi enti antara...?? Ade Tuttti ante??? Cold Ice-creams and the hot babe who served them were equally good. It remembered us the " 25 paise lall Ice" of India.

So, what makes Satti so spl is these small dreams and big thinking. Guyz - This simple man has got the biggest hikes and jumps both in grade & pay in 2 years. Can you believe he moved all the way up by 2 grades (it usually takes 6-8 yrs for 2 grade jumps) and now got a Manager post(so u can expect one more grade hike...i.e 10-12 yrs at intel)....his simple sincerity & ample hardwork paid off big time at Intel. We all wish you much more success ahead dude...I am sure one day U can become a GM. 3 cheers to our Satti Maama.

We all headed to the airport from there to drop our beloved Naruku Maama....As always, there was a big traffic jam and rajesh & team in red car ditched Naruku's "bon voyage "....mimmalini Mirchi petti kodathadu Next time....Just kidding, the traffic was too bad and Naruku hardly had any wait, me & madji asked him to leave even before the sunday crowd hits him hard. Naruku left and we all felt a pinch some where in our happy minds...The feeling of saying bye after 3 happy days heavied our souls and we decided to ligthen up in the SHIcago downtown lites .

We took a quick stop at 'Satyam's Place..Nik's dude cousin' and it was paid off well by "Andhra punugulu" and "Super Red Chutney ". Man, it was awesome....we all had a great appetizer before our heavy beer Supper. We went straight to the down town, took lotsa pics in all wierdo-poses and I rescued Pop from jumping/falling into the MiSHigan lake.... Poppy AAjanmantham Nuvvu Sandhya Naaku Runa padi Undali....Nenu eppudu movie teesina nuvvu free ga hero ga act cheyyali :)...I have a picture proof too :)

Saddened Souls went to "HARD ROCK" cafe to get some peace to our lost minds....where they played anything but PEACE. The place was real ROCK with amazing collection of guitars from the legends of ROCK n ROLL. We tried to do some shopping in the cafe but was bamboozled by the Cafe's Marketing Strategy of $9.99 - anything that's not available in UR SIZE. We all drank MORE and ate LESS and had a great MUSIC time.

Came back home and started sleeping discussing "how we spent the 4 days of togetherness and warm harmony?"...."who kicked who"..."who played who"....stay there...nth beyond that...and as they say "ALL good things will come to an END"...Our get-together joy ended in our sleep and even before I saw the Monday Sun, all left one-by-one with lot of happiness, joyful emotions, cheerful moments and proud celebrations framed in their hearts in "XXL" with wide-smiles and a proud feeling of "having U is an honor" and "having WE is a boomer".

Lets do more of this more often.....Until then......BYE BYE

Painted By, Suman - The EDITOR