Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photoshop (Online) Expresso

Adobe's announcement of Photoshop Express was the most interesting news for me. The maker of the popular photo-editing software Photoshop on Thursday launched a basic version available for free online.

This Rich Internet Application (RIA) will allow users to adjust their photos via a web browser instead of using an application that resides on their hard drive. This is particularly useful for travelers using a variety of public computers in conjunction with online photo services such as Flickr.

My current favorite online image editor of this type is Picnik, which I think works very well. Photoshop Express, as well as Picnik, are free RIA applications.

This is my Screen shot during exploring Photoshop Express.

RIA - This is the battlefield where Adobe and Microsoft and Google are going to fight some pretty big battles, Keep watching guys.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 Important Differences Between Brains and Computers

Difference # 1: Brains are analogue; computers are digital
Difference # 2: The brain uses content-addressable memory
Difference # 3: The brain is a massively parallel machine; computers are modular and serial
Difference # 4: Processing speed is not fixed in the brain; there is no system clock
Difference # 5 - Short-term memory is not like RAM
Difference # 6: No hardware/software distinction can be made with respect to the brain or mind
Difference # 7: Synapses are far more complex than electrical logic gates
Difference #8: Unlike computers, processing and memory are performed by the same components in the brain
Difference # 9: The brain is a self-organizing system
Difference # 10: Brains have bodies
Bonus Difference: The brain is much, much bigger than any current computer

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Find Directions in India...Yahooooooooo Maps

This is our favorite hang out spot in chennai, Anna Nagar Tower

Now you can also start spotting and mapping your area.

Bonus: Chennai Schematic Map

Bonus: Chennai Schematic Map [B I G G E R - VERSION]

PS: Special Brownies points for displaying the Auto Fares.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Creativity at its Best

Creativity at its Best

I always get annoyed seeing a commercial in between any TV program or a movie, it distracts also annoys. I have seen lot of them using that space to take a quick loo break, smoke break, make a quick call or even to browse different channels.

After coming to USA and getting used to American commercials, damn, I started missing Indian Commercials. Indian Commercials, very creative, very interesting yet so simple.

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They stay in your mind fresh no matter how old they are. I am sure you can still recollect few commercials which are part of your childhood, humming all the way. To name a few Vicco Turmeric, Life Boy, Nirma, Gold spot, 7 Up, at least my age group will agree with me and different people will have different commercials in their back up memory.

I personally feel so many commercials in US TV channels are so stupid, only very few take effort to make sense like super bowl commercials, to be specific Bud commercials. But whereas, commercials in India will touch your heart immediately and stay in your mind forever.

So what makes Indian Commercials very different from the rest, why their quality is so high? I think its because of the crew behind it. There are so many talented professional behind it, to name a few. A R Rahman started his career as a music composer for a commercial, to name one, LEO Coffee. And the notable cinema photographer Rajiv Menon, he too started with commercials. Not only behind the crew members but also, the lead actors like Aravind swamy, Preity Zinta, Asin….etc.

Atleast me and my buddies grew up together seeing, feeling and also mocking these commercials. I dont want to miss them, thanks to Youtube, they have tubed almost everything there. But I am wondering who is doing this job now if all entered in to Movies. While wondering I also did a search on this and found interesting details.

I found a Numer Uno Team for current era, they are know as Ogilvy India

Ogilvy & Mather is an advertising agency based in New York City, founded by David MacKenzie Ogilvy, was a notable advertising executive. He has often been called “The Father of Advertising. Being said that, for some reasons I am not very impressed with the quality of work they provide in USA, but if you see the commercials in India provided by them, its breath taking. To name a few Fevicol,Happydent, Center Shock, Grasim, IBM, SBI life, Hutch, HSBC, Fed Ex, Hindustan Levers, Reid & Taylor and many more.
Why this difference? Because of these three creative heads behind it.

Piyush Pandey

S N Rane

Pratap Bose

Few of their Accolades