Thursday, November 20, 2008

myPhone - Future Mobile Phone

It is great feeling to see new model phones marching out with the chip which I worked with. The new model of phones never cease to surprise me. Without any doubt, I can say the Wireless is the future technology. It is truly amazing to see what Mobile phones of today are capable of.

With my Creative Hat on, I was thinking what future mobile will be able to do.
This is just an innovative, creative and funny imagination, what will cell phones look like in the future.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How Obama got Chosen ?

I not only enjoyed the entire election tourney but also learned the complete process. Before this election I had few questions in my mind and was wondering how different the USA election process from Indian Election process.

Take a look at this

I had few questions like how can it be 52% to 47% when the electoral votes are 338 to 159. Later after little of googling, I found this wonderful video, very simple though. This video explains in very common mans language in around 3 minutes about the entire USA election process.

gO BAMA! Lets call it a Black House!!! Congrats!