Wednesday, October 03, 2007

GOOG-411, A new Idea for a Business

Becoming an Entrepreneur is always about ideas. Remember how youtube got in to the top?
And now it’s G00G-411, how creative.

I am also thinking about so many ideas, but few of them, seems so impossible to do and few of them so Silly. But now I found, there is nothing called as Silly Idea. Anything is good as far its New.

We, bunch of ASU friends (ASU Dudes) discussed so may ideas during our get-to gather, few ideas was very excellent, but still we did not initiate it. Why? lack of time and Motivation. It needs lot of planning and knowledge about the idea. Also few of them need lot of Capital to start of.

How about starting something really small, which does not require large capital or lot of time to plan? Something really small which you can start in a week, with less capital.

Please pitch in your ideas Gilli or Silly, we shall try to implement it. I will rank your ideas  and reward the best.

Google's new 411 service is free, fast and easy to use. Give it a try now and see how simple it is to find and connect with local businesses for free