Sunday, September 27, 2009

Character names in Kamal’s Movie

Kamal, the Intelligent Artist is so particular about the names of the character in his movies. To mention few instances

Film - Apoorva Sagodharargal

4 Villians - Nagesh , Jaishanker , Nasser , Delhi Ganesh

DHARMARAJ ---- The King of Dharma, on contrast he is shown as a crooked , wicked politician

SATYAMOORTHY - -- The figure of truthfulness, on contrast he is shown as a corrupt lawyer, who lies most of the time

NALLASIVAM --- A good ascetic, on contrast he is shown as a wicked murderer

ANBARASU --- One who is a king in showering affection and love, on contrast he is shown as an arrogant rich wrong doer

Film- Mahanadhi

Maganadhi means – Huge River.
So, all characters in the movie , who are shown as good natured people have names of rivers.
KRISHNASWAMY (Krishna) - Kamal
Narmada --- First wife
Yamuna ------- Sukanya
Godavari ----- SN lakshmi { mother in law}
Kaveri ---- Daughter
Barani ------------ Son
Punjabakesan ---- Poornam viswanathan { Punjab = 5 rivers}

Film - Avai Shanmugi
In "Rukhu Rukhu " song some lines will end with the word PANDI,
"Pandi" will be kamal's name in that movie....
Ex: thunukulum irupandi
thurumbilum irupandi....................

Film -Dasavatharam

Song---Kallaimattum kandal.....
There one is line in the song which goes like this
"rajalakshmi naayagan sreenivaasanthaan
sreenivaasan sei intha vishudaasan naan"
he has used his parents name in this song.

Film- Hey Ram
Hey Ram's "Saket Ram" (learned from S Ramakrishnan, the writer). Ayodhya has been known as "Saketa", during the 5th Century BCE.