Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cathy asks me!

Cathy is a 12 yr old girl, living next door in our apartment.
The moment she came to know I am from India, she started me asking hell lot of questions...
Will post the interesting ones only

Cathy asks me,
Cathy: Dude, do you have elephants at your backyard?
Me: ElephantSSSSSS?
Actually yes!
Cathy: Won’t they step over the snakes in the backyard?
Me: Ya, now snakes :)
Cathy thinks, in india our backyard is full of snakes and few elephants.
When I went to india last time, I took some effort to visit Guruvayoor, Kerala and took this picture of my "BackYard".


vivek said...

Nice one man ;) ... I think every Indian needs a picture like this.

PoP said...

Yes dude, wish we all had a backyard like this, but atleast a picture is handy.

Jayashree said...

Ayyooo, nee India ponna, ellaroda backyardlayum yannai thaan.hehehe.
Add this questiong to your list: HEY, WHERE IS YOUR GANDHI DOT?" Ada saami...

PoP said...

Gandhi Dot??
Ohh Ya, Your Bindi!
Ha Haa haaa