Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cathy asks me!-2

Cathy's View of Chennai Marina Beach

If you wonder who is cathy, read my previous posts.

Cathy asks me again, seeing my family picture (me, my dad and lot of cousins)
Cathy: Why you south Indians are dark?

Me: (clearing my throat)Ya we do lot of beach activities

Cathy: Like?

Me: Me my dad and my cousins do lot of surfing and tanning in Marina beach…that’s why we are dark..lot of tanning leads to dark skin…any weekends, Marina beach will be crowded people tanning, sailing, surfing..and what not!

Cathy: Yes Yes,I thought so 

Me: OK…got to go cathy..(can’t lie any more dude)

Real Marina Beach

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pradeep said...

That was funny, dude!