Monday, February 09, 2009

Pink Chaddi Campaign

I really am speechless at the sheer brilliance of the concept if not for the proposed execution. The creator, whoever it is, I salute you.. Jai chaddi!!

To counter a disturbing trend of right-wing Hindu thugs beating up women going to pubs or wearing clothes they don't approve of, Bangalore-based Alternative Law Forum (ALF) has launched a satirical campaign to support India's "Pubgoing Loose and Forward Women".

The Pink Chaddi Campaign asks women to send pink chaddis (underwear) to the ALF to forward to one of the bullying organisations, the Shri Ram Sene, which has threatened to attack couples found celebrating Valentine's Day.

I badly want to contribute to this effort, the best thing I could do is sending out the word rather....

For more Info about the Pink Chaddi -->

Pitch in your Chaddi!


Varun said...

I guess the people together in this campaign would be Chaddi buddies?

Good luck to the launch eerie campaign

Annie said...

Yes, I think so too. The path of Satyagrah, so what if we don't do a Dandi March, we do the Pink Chaddi campaign. After my furious post last week, I saw this campaign and thought, now that is something we should all unite for. Along with the Feb 14th, pub-toast-picture campaign. Yes, we are beating the 'Moral Police' morally. Who ever said beating up women is a part of our culture! I sooo wish I was in India too at this time, fighting for my rights!

PoP said...

@ Varun, LOL @ Chaddi buddies

@ Annie, well said. That's why I want you to write, I am sure your blog would have enlightened few at least.
Yes, it is a proud moment for all who started this campaign on 14th and so true about beating the 'Moral Police' morally

Annie said...

I don't know Pop. I think I changed my mind on the campaign. Check out my views on my blog.

Mads said...

Amazing campaign.

PoP said...

Very true Mads, also thanks for linking in your blog!