Monday, December 15, 2008

India Wins - Tendulkar ton sets up famous win in Chennai

I never witnessed such an interesting test match for years played by India in India for a long time.
In so many ways it is the best and will stay in my fond memory forever, at least I do not want to forget this match, that’s why I am blogging it now, hope your cherish the same while reading.

Best 4th Inning Chase: In subcontinent (Chennai, especially) you know how the 5th day pitch behaves, it completely cracken up and behaves very slow and weird, spinners paradise.
India's successful run-chase is now the fourth-highest in Tests, and the highest in India. India’s confident was building higher and higher, every delivery. Very stable, very aggressive and yet smooth chasing. I see this attack against England as a well planned murder, yes. Shewag came right in front and gave a big blow on their face, England is dizzy now, Gautham and VVS kept punching them, non-stop. Then came the slow poisoning syringe from Sachin and Yuvaraj, they finished them.

Best Kick Start: Man of the match is something not measures his contribution, he deserves more, and he laid the platform. He turned the game, for India. Before start of 4th inning, it was tough to save the game, but in the end it was a easy win, only possible by the NATURALLY AGGRESSIVE animal SHEWAG. But Sehwag hadn't done anything differently; it was his normal batting, full of guts and instincts.

Best Team Effort: After bowling the final two sessions extremely well, India restricted England pretty well, and in batting cart every one pitched in well to keep the momentum going on. Gambhir as usual batted well with his partner. VVS, his ideal game is set up, 4th innings chase and he contributed little but very crucial runs. It's the fourth time - and the first time in an Indian win - that four Indian batsmen have scored fifty and above in the fourth innings of a Test.

Best Partnership: The match winning partnership, the unbeaten 163-run partnership between Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh is the fifth-highest for India in the fourth innings, and the highest in a successful run-chase. They hinted no pressure, quick running between the wickets and keeping the asking rate well below their drives. Once again, Left and Right partnership came handy. Yuvi played absolute beauty considering his pressure to come back to the side.

Best Century: Wow, Wow..WOOOOOOOOOW. "Saaaaachiiiiiiin, Sachin……… Saaaaachiiiiiiin, Sachin "
The winning runs and 41st century coming of Sachin’s bat, felt yummy. The duet between Sachin and Chennai is continuing, for a change he contributed for a winning team. I was there in MAC, Chennai in 1999 when India lost against Pakistan despite Sachin’s century, it took so long to take the soar taste off. To score the winning runs in a record-shattering chase was special enough, but when that last stroke also brought up your 41st century, it became ineffably so. Never seen him so animated after the winning runs, he was a kid again.
Given all that's gone on over the past three weeks, this was so much more than just a match-winning century. His emotion was very true and he dedicated his innings for the cause. I am sure this will make many Indians smile despite the happenings (Mumbai Terror), Thanks Sachin!!!

Best Win: I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself if I had given it a miss watching this game. I will cherish this win for ever!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Truth behind the investigations of past terror attacks - A Petition

Truth behind the investigations of past terror attacks - A Petition
The Home Minister
Ministry of Home Affairs,
Government of India,

Subject: Application under the RTI act, 2005


This year there have been many instances of terrorist attacks on our country, which have resulted in at least 518 deaths including common citizens and law enforcement personnel. Our heart goes out to the families of the innocent victims and we salute the bravery of our armed and police forces. They are our real saviors and true patriots.

While the citizens of India have shown tremendous resilience and maintained communal harmony, we feel the Central Government and law enforcement agencies have not taken definitive and concrete measures against the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. We are appalled by the antipathy shown by politicians during and after the terror attack on Mumbai. We are specifically outraged by politicians trying to extract mileage out of the tragedy that has fallen on the families of our martyrs.

We are in the dark on relief and support provided to the victims and the martyrs. We, the citizens of this country, would like the government to furnish detailed answers and supporting documents for the following questions from the Home Ministry for each of the incidents mentioned in the table below.

1. Does the home ministry has access to all the information related to legal proceedings related to the bomb blasts and terrorist attacks that happened across the country as mentioned in the above table?
1.1 Can the home ministry validate the number of fatal causalities and injuries in the respective incidents?
1.1.1 Please provide a detailed explanation, If you do not have information to provide an answer to question 1.1
1.1.2 Please provide the number of people who have received compensation, both monetary and in kind, from central and state government.
1.1.3 Please provide a detailed explanation on why all the victims have not received compensations as declared. Please ignore if every one has received all compensations as promised.
1.2 How many Police men, military and para military and other defense and other security personnel lost their lives or were permanently disabled in each of these terrorist attacks?
1.3 What kind of help and compensation has been provided to these personnel described in question 1.2
1.4 On which date was the charge sheet filed for each of these attacks?
1.4.1 What is the reason if the charge sheets have not been filed till now for these incidents? Please provide your answer for each incident respectively.
1.4.2 How many arrests have been made till now? Please provide your answer for each incident respectively.
1.4.3 How many people charged in the case have been granted bail? Please provide your answer for each incident respectively.
1.5 When was the last hearing done on each of these cases? Please provide your answer for each incident respectively.
1.6 Against how many conspirators, has the concerned law enforcement agency or police has not been able to provide any evidence leading to their release or delay in court proceedings? Please provide your answer for each incident respectively.
We would appreciate a quick response to this petition. Please let us know the cost incurred in the process of acquiring this information.

Thanking you.
The undersigned citizen of India

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Monday, December 01, 2008

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